Documenting Payroll Processing Procedures

The task of payroll processing is one in which you must have solid problem solving and mathematical skills. The employer/payroll staff must make sure that all of the employees receive their checks in a timely manner and that they are accurate. In most cases, they are required to interact with supervisors and managers to make sure that everyone has an understanding of the procedures involved with payroll processing Harker Heights TX. In order to make sure that their tasks are performed efficiently, the payroll staff must create a payroll system that is streamlined, including documentation of critical information regarding payroll.

There are many companies that require their employees to punch a time clock. On the other hand, some companies require their employees to fill out a time card. Hourly employees receive pay based upon the hours on their time card. This means that if there are changes to the time clock or time card, they must be communicated to all of the employees in writing. You can send memos to managers/supervisors or send out a printed version of the changes. Then, the managers/supervisors are responsible for passing on this information to their employees.

Print out a yearly payroll calendar- before the end of each year, take some time to carefully check the payroll dates to determine when processing needs to occur. Make sure that you are aware of any bank and company holidays. Use varying colors to call attention to submission dates for changes to time cards/payroll as well as the paydays. You can get with a professional printing company to assist you with printing. Make sure that all of the managers/supervisors have a calendar.

Keep a booklet with the payroll processing standards in it for the payroll department that includes the steps in the process. For example, if you work at a company with a biweekly pay schedule, make sure that the book is formulated so that it states exactly how payroll occurs from the beginning of a pay period until the end. This will be helpful when training staff new to the payroll department.

Make sure that everyone in the payroll department understands exactly what their job description is. Make sure that everyone has a copy of their job duties so that you can be sure that when payroll processing is being done, everything is done correctly.

Shredding Confidential Documents? Get a Certificate of Destruction

One of the biggest headaches associated with running a business or professional organization is all the paperwork that comes with different jobs. Even though we are in an internet age where everyone stores information on their computers or the cloud, paperwork still has an important place in the business world. Whether you are printing out copies of projects, meetings or client agreements, you will want a safe place to store all of this paperwork.

Most businesses will store the paperwork in one of their office rooms. But what do you do if you have to get rid of certain papers? Perhaps you need to make room for newer paperwork, or a particular project is dead and there is no need to keep the relevant paperwork around. In either case, you will want to consider document shredding. Some businesses will shred documents in house, but this is a cumbersome and often frustrating experience. It makes a lot more sense to contact a professional shredding company.

Not only can professional document shredders get the job done quickly and with minimal hassle, but they will give you a certificate of destruction Boston that guarantees your paperwork is shredded and disposed in the proper manner. This is the best way to get rid of any confidential business-related paperwork that you cannot just throw into a trash or recycling bin.

A lot of people may think that it is a little unnecessary to go about shredding documents through a professional company. But it makes a lot of sense. Unless you want to invest huge amounts of money in a professional shredding machine, why not let a third party get the job done? And these shredding companies are known for their ability to keep all your data and information completely confidential, which is a huge help.

How to Manage Business Accounting Functions

The function of accounting is critical for any business, no matter what size. This is the way that money is managed: keep track of your resources, keep track of what customers owe you and what you owe your vendors, and to determine your tax liability and what your profitability is. Therefore, you need to always be in touch with your business accounting services Dartmouth NS so that you can be sure that your accounting functions are being managed and monitored often and properly. Here are some of the things you can do to help manage your business accounting functions:

Take some time to determine and make a list of every accounting function that your business currently has or will possibly need in the future. Typically, these include things such as accounts payable/receivable, management of fixed assets, banking, inventory management, taxes, and investments. You will also need to be sure that you have a way to track your profitability. If you have a partnership or investors, you might need to track these conditions separately.

Determine where the major risks of embezzlement or theft are- keep in mind that this will be different in every company/industry. Some of the common problems include fake vendor companies set up by employees and customer charges that get written off and stolen by the employees. A good way to track this is by enlisting the assistance of an outside accounting firm.

Set up some internal controls to help you to effectively safeguard your business against loss, and pay special attention to the areas you just identified. You can use software functionality, specific policies/procedures, or both. One of the most common internal procedures is not allowing employees that deal with accounts receivable to balance the accounts. Another internal procedure is to place restrictions on vendor records and to verify the existence of new vendors.

Finally, you must take the time to make policy/procedure manuals and be sure that the necessary personnel are properly trained. In addition, you need to regularly perform internal and external audits. Managers and others responsible for the problem areas outlined above need to regularly perform surprise mini-audits. You might also want to consider hiring outside business accounting firms instead of having an internal accounting department.

Helping Employees Through an Office Relocation

Moving a business is an exciting, but stressful time. In order to make sure the transition is smooth, you should be willing to work with your employees, explaining your plans and the timetables for these plans as well as anticipate delays and slowdown. When you decide to move your business, you should make sure to hire an office moving company Arkansas to move the furniture and equipment as well as set it up when it gets to the new location. Here are some tips on helping your employees with the transition.

First of all, you must communicate with your employees. You want to make sure they are given plenty of advance notice about the move and what it will mean for them, the clients, the suppliers, and the company overall. If the relocation is long-distance, it can have a major impact on employees and their families. Offer them a timetable for the move with key dates, such as when the move will be officially announced, when their personal effects should be packed up and when the move will occur.

Create committees or department liaisons to get employees involved in the moving process. These committees/liaisons will organize certain aspects of the move. Allow them to ask questions, voice their concerns, and make suggestions about ways that downtime can be minimized. The relocation should be an adventure instead of a stressor. Therefore, emphasize the positive aspects of it.

Encourage your employees to use the move as a chance to clean out their desks and get organized. Assign the various departments different color codes and identification numbers to use in labeling office furniture, equipment, files, supplies, and any other things that will be moved. Personal items should be transferred by the employee themselves so that there’s not a risk of them getting lost/damaged by the office moving company.

Buy An Existing Franchise And Save

One of the best ways to start off your own business is to go for a franchise location of a major established brand. You’ll have to spend less, you’ll have name-brand recognition from the start, and there will be more resources to support you as you get situated with your new business. While you can work with a company directly to build a franchise, you can also look for opportunities to purchase franchises for sale. This means starting your search locally, for example, looking for a UPS franchise for sale in your city. These are some of the huge benefits you can reap when you look for an existing and established franchise.

1. You don’t have to look for local customers

A huge benefit of franchises is that they take care of establishing name brand recognition for you. However, you do still have to get local customers introduced in your location, so buying an existing franchise means this is always taken care of.

2. You’ll know what to expect

Another benefit of buying a franchise is like buying any existing company – you have an idea for their financials, and what you can reasonably expect for your returns. While most companies that offer franchises and preliminary market research can help you formulate an estimate, an established company has a track record to show.

3. The basics are already set up

The final benefit of buying an existing franchise is that you don’t need to spend excess time with preliminary research, or setting up the basics of your operation. A location will be set, inventory will be in place, and systems will already be set up that you can use or adapt to your own. You’ll know local partners and suppliers, which means you’ll start from a position already on top of the competition.